Fresh, Pre-Qualified Leads Without the Hassle

What would it mean for your business to have new, qualified, and excited leads every week?

Quality Leads

What would it mean for your lifestyle to stop hunting for leads, wasting hours on the phone, only to find out they’re not interested in the first place?
There’s a much better solution. We offer packages of pre-qualified leads that are ready to buy what you’ve got.

What Does It Cost?

Leads start at just $.88 each or just $3.40 for high-quality, pre-interviewed leads. You’d pay at least twice that much on your own for this quality of leads, but as a TCP Member, you get access to our wholesale volume discounts.

The savings alone can cover the cost of your Membership. Get a qualified lead delivered to you for what others are paying for clicks!

How It Works

We gather qualified leads who have expressed an interest in making money from new, non-specific business opportunities. These leads are all in real-time. When you buy leads, we'll find people who want to see your opportunity right now. All you have to do is follow up with them and send them your business details.

You can choose to work with business opportunity leads that are a mix of both men and women, or you can choose only men or only women leads, or choose our most popular and highest converting option, which is our pre-interviewed leads, depending on your business model.

Your leads are exclusive to you. Nobody else will ever get the same leads.

What You’ll Get

For each lead, you’ll get the person’s:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone number

And remember, these leads are live. They want to hear from you today.

If you choose to purchase pre-interviewed, highly-qualified leads, you’ll also get a copy of the interview questions they answered (and their answers) as well as the name of the person who conducted the interview. This is invaluable information, as it can guide your sales call and help with your follow up activities.

Packages start at $44 per 55 leads. Sounds a lot easier than sitting with a phone glued to your ear for hours, hoping to find someone who wants what you have to offer, doesn’t it?

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